Market Days 2017 Top 10 Performers & Their Best Hits

With one week until Market Days 2017, we couldn't be more excited to attend and see this year's talent line-up! This summer's performers list ranges from former disco queens to modern day YouTube & reality stars. Below we count down our top 10 acts and their best songs that we're most gagging to see!

Market Days 2017 Lineup

10 - 10,000 Maniacs - besides its namesake, have made our list with the hope that Natalie Merchant will be on-stage. Our list needs some alt-rock too, but how excited will we be to hear rock and not dance music after a few beers? 10,000 Maniacs - These are the days

9 - Tiffany - she remade her top single "I think we're alone now" in the year we were born...and it's aged as well as we have! Tiffany - I think we're alone now

8 - Cece Peniston - FINALLY we get relive our 90s childhood at Market Days! Cece pumped out the dance hits in the 90s so we have no doubt her set will be on fire! Finally - Cece Peniston

Frenchie Davis

7 - Frenchie Davis - a two-time reality queen from American Idol and The Voice, Frenchie has been churning out some gay-dance anthems since her reality days. If you need a quick break and want to watch some sexy, shirtless, greasy men dance then check out her hit Frenchie Davis - Loves got a hold of me

6 - Brian Justin Crum - a cutttttte reality queen himself, Brian came to light on America's Got Talent last year with some ridiculous, heartfelt covers like Radiohead's Creep. Well since then, Brian has continued to make covers but with fierce attitude like Robyn's Show Me Love with DJ Grind. Fingers crossed he brings the heat with DJ Grind next weekend! Brian Justin Crum - Show Me Love

5 - Inaya Day - yasssss NASTY queen! This Brooklyn native has been cranking out dance hits since the late 90s. She's no stranger to DJ Grind either with her latest single One Night in Heaven. One set dancing with her, and we know we'll be in heaven! Inaya Day - Keep Pushin'

Prince Poppycock

4 - Prince Poppycock - unsure why he's in our top 5? Well check out some video from his America's Got Talent days. This reality star brings the unexpected to the stage and we can't wait to see what costume and set he has for Market Days! Prince Poppycock - America's Got Talent

3 - Big Freedia - will have you shaken your ass whether you want to or not! This fierce bitch is all about pop & lock, twerking dance music. He's collaborated with music royalty such as DJ Snake, Diplo and RuPual. DO NOT miss his set or we're sure you'll be hunted down! Big Freedia - Drop 

Steve Grand

2 - Steve Grand - #swoon, Steve has come a long way since his days of bartending on Halsted in his hometown. We've been fangirling since he was known as Starchild so needless to say we're excited - excited to listen to him sing, watch him perform and hopefully gawk at him shirtless! Steve Grand - All American Boy

1 - Robin S - it's hard to imagine how anyone could be out Steve Grand on our list, but there was only one person who could, Robin S. She has produced the most iconic gay anthem of all time and there's not a chance we would miss her shower us with love! Robin S - Show me love

With our music lineup set, it's time to plan out the rest of our weekend stops using our Chicago Expansion deck as a guide. We for sure won't miss dinner at DS Tequila Company or dancing all night with our friends Saturday night at Circuit. What else do you think should be on our perfect Market Days list? Which performers make your top 10 list? Comment below!

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